Pei-Yao Chang

a tree, a stone, a cloud

wood, stone, and memories
150 x 100 x 110 cm, 2minutes 46 seconds

‘A Tree, A Stone, A Cloud’ is an installation that includes memories, stones, and tree parts to perform a journey of recollection. Memory is personal, as is the connection with trees. However, a definition of love remains open. This work is inspired by Carson McCullers’ short story ‘A Tree, A Rock, A Cloud’, in which an old man shares his story with a newspaper boy describing his reconciliation with his life and a transformation of the definition of love. The documentation presents the memory of trees during my childhood and the intimate connection psychically and physically.

‘Son, do you know how love should be begun?’
The boy sat small and listening and still. Slowly he shook his head.
The old man leaned closer and whispered:
‘A tree. A rock. A cloud.’

A Tree. A Rock. A Cloud, Carson McCullers

︎[2016] UKUT 300 (LC)
︎a figure, figures

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