Pei-Yao Chang

tree guard

Inflatable sculpture, film
400 x 260 cm, 3 minutes 27 seconds

I am interested in space – and the movement of people and objects within space. There is a certain magic to it. It is as if you are inventing an order of things. I believe there is a secret relationship between space, objects, and perceptible and imperceptible movements. [1]

Inspired by Isamu Noguchi's quote and his practice, Sculpting Space, my work Tree Guard is an analog protector temporarily situated in an urban green space to investigate, experiment, and document the interaction between humans and non-humans such as dogs and wind in a London city park.

How do residents or dogs respond when they meet a large air-filled artefact in their pathway? Does it become a barrier? Alternatively, does it help guard trees in order to “survive” in a city?

*This work was exhibited at ‘At the Edge of Safe House’, Safe House 1&2, London, May 2022

[1] "From Lamps to Playgrounds, Isamu Noguchi Believed Sculpture Should Be Omnipresent", Itsnicethat.Com, 2021 <> [Accessed 30 May 2022].

Unitited, 2021 |  collagraph

‘At the Edge of Space House’
Safehouse, London, May 2022
curators: Hongwen Zhon, Rae Zhao
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