Pei-Yao Chang

[2016] UKUT 300 (LC)

Mixed medium
393 x 116 x 515 mm, 297x210 mm

[2016] UKUT 300 (LC) presents the research background. The documentation comprises a legal compensation case which involved TPOs in Patchway, UK and an infographic. This visualization explains in a comprehensible form the facts of the case and opens a space for a dialogue between urban trees, the damaged conservatory, and legal processes.

︎a figure, figures
︎a tree, a stone, a cloud

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The original document of Law case – Source:

The artworks illustrate the feature of trees from the law case of [2016] UKUT 300 (LC)
From left to right: Oak, Eucalyptus, Conifer, and Magnolia
Medium: Grinding Ink on Shuen Paper |  Size: 680 x 340 mm

This work was exhibited at Royal College of Art Graduate Show 2022, Battersea South campus.

Medium | mixed medium

print on polyester film,  size: 380 x 2200 mm
digtial print on paper with wood sheet, size : 210 x 297 x 50 mm