Pei-Yao Chang

one breath

film, 3 mins
with site-specific installation

Humans have been exploring outer space since the 1950s and yet we have less mapping of our deepest oceans than Mars. The experience of weightlessness has always constituted as a remarkable experience for astronauts. However, the embodied experiences of underwater can also act as ‘interpreters of space’.

The territory with microgravity provides a chance that allows us to unwind. It is the room of the mother's womb, the dreamland of escapism, and the space of the universe.

From the deepest ocean to the cosmic space,

it starts with dark and ends with dark.

The dark is a transformation of blue.

A blue like the ocean

or the sky.

A blue like the limit:

the limit of humanity.

*This work was exhibited both in Hoxton, London &
the virtual exhibition in Sensorial Landscapes: The Marine Frontier, in 2021.

screenshots from One Breath, 2021

Group exhibition  ‘Proximity & Distance’, 
in Hoxton, London, 2021

site-specific installation, Hoxton, London, 2021