Pei-Yao Chang

a figure, figures II

Soil and Compost
size various

A Figure, Figures II is a series of temporary sculptures reproduced from soil and compost. This is an extension work of ‘A Figure, Figures’ - both a data visualization and a pun, and is presented at the Royal College of Art Graduate Show 2022, Battersea South campus. The title plays on the polysemous meanings of the word figure, as both “shape” and “monetary value” which is thus deconstructed and transformed from one of many visual amenity valuation tools, The Helliwell System. A three dimensional organic texture, unlike flat Risographs (from A Figure, Figures), seeks to extend another possibility to contextualize of non-human perspective. This body of artwork aspires to reveal the evaluation workflow through  monetary value and provokes us to consider the limitations of how humans assess the value of a tree.

3D printing modeling process

*3D printing/modeling technical support: Ming-Chieh (Woody) Chang