Pei-Yao Chang


no. 01-10

Grinding ink on Shuen paper
350 x 350 mm

Temporality (2021) is a mixed medium series that delves into the exploration of time and space. Created using Shuen papers( Chinese hand-made paper), water and grinding ink. The concept of the "flow" of time is examined, highlighting the delicate balance between movement and stillness. Through my art, I aim to capture the fleeting moments between movement and stillness, offering a unique perspective on the philosophy of time. Each artwork represents a temporality, a glimpse into the transient nature of existence and the ever-shifting experience of time.

Temporality (2021), which includes No.01, No.02, No.05, and No.06, has been exhibited in various prestigious art galleries and exhibitions.


Nov 2023 | Annual Open Exhibition 2023, Southwark Park Galleries, Lake Gallery, London, UK
Aug 2023 | RuptureXIBIT (+Studio), Kingston, UK
May 2023 | Saltaire Arts Trail (alongside Saltaire Open Village programme), Wharf St Studios, Shipley, UK

Temporality No. 01 & 02

Mixed Medium
Grinding ink on Shuen (Chinese) paper
41 x 41 x 3.8 cm (framed)

Temporality No. 05 & 06

Mixed Medium
Grinding ink on Shuen (Chinese) paper
41 x 41 x 3.8 cm (framed)


Temporlaity No. 01 -10